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Stepwell of Mansa

Stepwell of Mansa

Mansa city, the headquarters of Mansa taluka of Gandhinagar district, has a five storey building.

Mansani Vav is long south of Mansa town and wide east to west.  It is 16 feet long and 12 feet wide.  The entrance to Vav is on the north side.  The roof dome of the entrance is 12 feet above the ground level.  From there the steps to descend into Vav begin.  There are a total of five fun ones going down one after the other

Every floor has a false ceiling.  There is a recess on the first floor.  In the Gokhale on the right, three descending sculptures of four utensils are visible.  While in the Gokhale on the left side there is an inscription for the construction of Vavna.  ‘

According to the article of the first foot of the five-storied Vavna, its construction happened in 1918.  The tank before the well is a feature of that time.  The second Coat adds a statue of Bhairav and Ambaji’s delay.

The arched entrance between the well and the arch inside the well is remarkable, with the geometric and natural ornaments on the windows and semi-columns, as well as the support of the patda covering the opposite side at the top.  This Vav is a state-protected monument.

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