Folk dance of Gujarat

Folk dances of Kutch

Folk dance of kutch

Sanskar setu came to a standstill in the same desert region at different CL times, with different Maldharis and warriors. The different characteristics of this country, which is unique in terms of border and backward culture, and its Coke has a unique and unique Bhatigal form in various aspects of life – the folk dances here, ”

– Kutch Asmita “Dhilvarg has a sense of heart woven with the dholvagh and the inevitability of its instrumentation. It shone brightly. *

– Mirambahan Ahir

It is difficult to capture the identity of any region in a short definition of words, which are the geographical features of that region.

And under the influence of climate change, its low life expectancy is different and over time, folk culture is born out of it. It has many facets and sub-facets. These two facets combine to form a beautiful, sublime pattern as soon as a piece of stained glass is inserted into a kaleidoscope, creating a distinctive feature of the region in question, which is its distinctive personality or territoriality. That is its reality and that is its identity.

Sanskar Setu Sama Many people have settled in Kutch region at different times. Kutch was originally a colony of Maldharis, with plenty of pastures, so different people kept coming here with their livestock. Since then many different warrior tribes have not been kept from Sindh, Tharpakar, Rajasthan, Saurashtra and Gujarat at different times and have become stable. Different characteristics of this country, which is unique in terms of culture despite its borders and inland areas

And it has a unique and unique Bhatigal form in various aspects of its folk life, the folk dances here,

The original folk dances of Kutch since the reign of Jam are Karchi Chakre, Kachhi Chotalo, Chakkar Bhameti and Chakkar Gadka. The various castes inhabiting the areas of Kutch have changed their form according to their customs and traditions.

The original folk dances of Kutch known as Kutch Chakkar, Chakkar Gotali, Chakkar Bhameti and Chakkar Gadka are all performed by men only.

Kutchi rhythm:

In Kutch, the various dances played in folk dance are known as ‘Randh’ or ‘Ramtu’. These games are played on 6 (twenty eight) rhythms out of the different ૩e (thirty six) rhythms. The remaining 8 (eight) beats are only singing beats, which cannot be played, 

Kutchi Chakkar:

This is a solo dance, one-person plays, six beats with the accompaniment of drums and bows, and this rhythm

Chakkar, Mahoram festival, Mela, Diwali festival and in some castes it is also played on the occasion of marriage, Kutchi Bhajan or Kutchi Kafi which is played in six quantities and ends with one third.

How to defend yourself when surrounded by eight enemies on the battlefield, when the sword or stick is rotated in such a way that the type of siege, opponent or enemy can be stopped and one’s victory is protected, the game is played in the battle of Mahabharata Compared to the battle of seven kothas that Abhimanyu went through, there is a battle between another caste who migrated to Kutch that “Kutch

If Kurukshetra is a battle for homeland love in the battle of Zara ‘Zara, it is Kalvir. This ladle played by 21 ૫ can be called the dance of love of the homeland, each caste plays the ૨ mat (rhythm) in its own costume

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