Folk dance of Gujarat

Tribal folk dances

Tribal Folk Dance

The community of K tribal people has a distinctive and distinctive style. All these things are different and unique. Even after so many changes in the 21st century, these people have preserved and preserved their culture, which is their A.K. Bagvi identity. “

Tribal Introduction:

The expression of various arts is the parasite of the culture of any society or people, the longing for beauty and sensitivity in human beings is reflected in its art and satvi. This refreshing or catastrophic reflection of one’s surroundings, social or natural, falls into it; Many events in the book life and the world shapes about – art and literature from the very beginning

Arises and over time it results in a cultural event. Such an invention of the multiple sensations and pleasures of the tribes inhabiting our Ambaji to Athwa is worth seeing. The expression of joy will be seen by any people especially through song music and dance. Society is considered paramount among the primitive races. In this, the glory of a person is small. Whatever he wants to express in a group, the richness of the sacraments and the introduction of a specific way of life are found naturally in his group dance songs. It reflects tradition and spirit, 

The Nadivasis of Gujarat are the guardians of the glorious heritage of Lo Kara Gita, folk dance, folk art and folklore. Eating – drinking, dancing, singing and every question is an integral part of the festival. Among them, dance-money remains another attraction of tribal festivals. Let the tribesmen dance in their own dialect ‘

The word jano and dance is the word wo. ‘Chaal’ means to walk. Tribal mortals have to walk constantly. Tribals also go to dance and jump ‘. Walk the Kameri dance of Charotar region ‘. Among the tribals of Surat district, there are six types of fixed dance of men and women with Dobru tiger.

In tribal dances, Paksha Geet Nutya Manya Adivasi believes that, ‘Geet Vana Chalo Na Koy’ – there is no dance without Gin. Dance-rhythm changes by counting rhythm and song, Khadivasi do not recognize folk song, folk music or folk dance as art. They value song, music or dance as a way of life

Throughout Gujarat, various tribal peoples living in the hinterland, in the valleys and hills, have kept the culture alive with their unique way of life.

Tribal people are a festive question. So you, festivals, me la, social occasions, even if you believe in God the Father, remain festivals. These occasions, festivals provide a reason for the tribe to sing and dance songs. *

Tribal dance variety

Tribal dances can be categorized according to geographical habitat, species diversity, tiger diversity, customs, and traditions,

  1. Tribal dances (caste)
  2. Festival dances
    • Spring dances
    • Dances of Holi festival
    • Gheraiya dances
  3. Fair dances
  4. God dances
    • Eid dance (Indra)
    • Bhadarva Dev
    • Mother’s play
    • Gau (Gauri – Parvati) fast
    • Thackeray
    • Bhaya
  5. Wedding dances
    • Wedding dances
    • Occasional wedding dances.
  6. Garba – Rasada dances
  7. Instrumental dances

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