History Of Gujarat

In ancient times, the region of North Gujarat and Central Gujarat was known as ‘Anart’. In Kshatrap time only the region of North Gujarat was called ‘Anart’. For present day Saurashtra, geographers used the terms ‘Serostus’ and ‘Surashtrin’.

The Chinese traveler Hu-en-Tsang, who came in the time of the Mawsen II of the Allied Age (640 AD), referred to Saurashtra as ‘Sulka’.

In the ninth and tenth centuries, the word ‘lat’ was used for present day education in Gujarat. In his book, Ptolemy uses the words “latika” for the river and “mofis” for the river Mahi.

In the Anumitrak era, the power of ‘Gurjari’ of Rajasthan was established in Gujarat. As a result, the region of North Gujarat came to be known as ‘Gurjarbhoomi’, ‘Gurjardesh’, ‘Gurjarrashtra’ etc. In the Solanki era, the rulers were known as ‘Gurjarnaresh’.

The word ‘Gujarat’ came into existence from the word ‘Gurjar’ in the Sultanate era. Q. Found in Aburas, composed in 1293. The word ‘Gujarat’ is mentioned in ‘Condard de Prabandh’ composed in the fifteenth century.

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